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Recognitions & Ribbons

Floribunda Award

The Floribunda Award, an annual accolade presented by the Garden Club of Hyannis, is a symbol of recognition and gratitude bestowed upon club members who have made exceptional contributions to the organization. At the 2023 June Annual Meeting, this honor was bestowed upon two outstanding individuals, Angela Lipinski and Nancy Costa, each of whom has left an indelible mark on the club. 


Angela Lipinski, a longstanding member of the Garden Club, has worn multiple hats within the organization over the years. Her dedication to the club's success has been exemplified through her many roles.  Angela is Outings Committee Co-chair, as well as Hospitality Chair.  In addition, as the Special Events Coordinator, she skillfully organizes memorable experiences for the club, including the annual meeting luncheons and the December holiday luncheons.  Her commitment to fostering camaraderie and the club’s sense of community is truly commendable and deserving of the Floribunda Award.


Nancy Costa, the club's dedicated Design Chair, has played an integral role in nurturing the artistic and creative aspects of the Garden Club of Hyannis. With her warm and inviting demeanor, Nancy has not only encouraged but also inspired new floral designers within the club. Her tireless efforts in organizing design workshops have allowed members to explore their passion for floral arrangement, fostering a community of budding artists within the club.

Furthermore, Nancy's commitment extends beyond the club's boundaries, as she actively engages with the Southern District Garden Federation of Massachusetts.  Her unwavering encouragement has been instrumental in motivating club members to try their hand at floral designs and even to showcase their talents at flower shows. Her dedication to the art of floral arrangement and her commitment to the Garden Club of Hyannis are truly commendable, making her a deserving recipient of the Floribunda Award.

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Floribunda Award Winners

2006 – Joyce Kelleher
2007 – Ann Marie Carlson
2008 – Alice Erickson
2009 – Irene Lupo
2010 – Joan Kenney
2011 – Nancy Walsh
2012 – Dolores Ahearn
2013 – Nancy Bailey
2014 – Diane Cochran
2015 – Debby Faulconer
2016 – Natalie Mason
2017 – Kathleen Schatz
2018 – Nancy Wong
2019 – Simone Perrier
2020 – Nancy Beless

2021 – Marilyn Sharry

2022 - Deborah Benassi

2023 - Angela Lipinski and Nancy Costa

Floribunda Awards

are presented each year at the

Southeastern District Annual Luncheon

bythe club president to recognize

outstanding contributions to the club.

Club winners include:

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