Meeting Topics for the Coming Year

The Garden Club of Hyannis
The Garden Club of Hyannis

Welcome Back!

September 15, 2020

What went wrong and right in your gardens this season. Hosted by Emcee Diane Cochran 

Conservation: The Native Plant Challenge

Design: Demo by Design Committee of Pumpkin Centerpieces.  Members will sign up to do their own pumpkin centerpieces for October membership meeting.

Horticulture: Show off your best Dahlia with a growing tip   

Trash to Treaure

October 20, 2020

Our members share ways to make something useful and/or creative for home or garden by upcycling common items. 

Hostesses: Margot Churchill and Nancy Beless

Floral designer: Nancy Costa 

Conservation: Native Plant Lists

Design: Presentation and Discussion of Members’ Pumpkin Centerpieces’


Horticulture: Asters, Sedums, and Anemones

A French Holiday Cocktail Party Hosted and prepared by Kim and Tim Rumberger

November 17, 2020

Hostesses: Sandra Seeley and Nancy Wong

Floral designer:  Louisa Starkey 

There will be a savory and a sweet appetizer, a typical French Cocktail to celebrate the season and a mini French lesson. There will be handouts and instructions.

Conservation: Incorporating Natives into Gardens

Design: Demo by Design Committee of Designs using a Lantern as a Featured Object.  Members will sign up to do their own lantern designs for December membership meeting. (Lanterns will be provided by Design Committee)


Horticulture: Fall Harvest Squash, Pumpkins, and Gourds 

A Holiday Design Program hosted by Dolores Ahern featuring our own designers with a holiday challenge.

December 15, 2020

Design: Presentation and Discussion of Members’ Lantern Designs (Lanterns will be provided by Design Committee)


Horticulture: A Holiday Centerpiece   

Creating Stackable Garden Ornaments

Presented by our own Club Members

January 19, 2021

Hostesses: Debby Faulconer and Kathie Schatz 

Floral designer: Diane Cochran


Demonstration will be provided in advance of meeting. Members will show their creations at meeting with brief description. 

Conservation: Native Perennials

Horticulture: Berries and Cones   

Selecting Sustainable Roses

February 16, 2021

Hostesses: Dottie Palko and Mary O’Brien

Floral designer: Dolores Ahern

Sustainable Roses are sturdy, attractive plants that can hold their own in a pesticide-free landscape. This program features recently introduced varieties as well as old favorites that are disease-resistant, winter hardy, easy to grow and bloom all season. Selecting Sustainable Roses delves into the core of roses, their growth habits and how to select the best varieties for your garden. Bloggers and authors Mike and Angelina Chute speak from more than 25 years of growing roses in their Rhode Island Gardens. They can be found at 

Conservation: Native Trees

Horticulture: Witch Hazel

Establishing a Home Herb Garden

March 16, 2021

Master Gardener Kathi Gariepyf will share tips on how to grow the tasty and fragrant.

Hostesses: Joan Kenney and Linda Zarif

Floral designer: Ann Rosseel

Conservation: Pollinators

Horticulture: New Things

Conserve our Climate (or Kiss our Gardens Goodbye)

April 20, 2021

Quentin Prideaux trained with the Climate Reality Project. He has created his own overview of the subject of climate change with the express intention of inspiring hope and showing a way forward. Climate Change: What do we know? What do we do? 

Hostesses: Nancy Bailey and Angela Lipinski

Floral designer: Kitty Lorenz

Conservation: Plants to Attract Birds

Horticulture:  The First Signs of Spring 

Scholarship Presentation

May 18, 2021

Exhibitors Meeting for the June Flower show led by Dolores Ahern. 

Hostesses: The Executive Board

Floral designer: Nancy Walsh

Conservation: How Native Plants Can Return

Horticulture: Bulbs

90th Anniversary Celebration of the Garden Club of Hyannis Flower Show and Luncheon

June 15, 2021

The Sea View, Dennisport

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